Are your bills too high? Are you running in circles and losing your breath? Or are you bored to death with the life you’re living? Are you yearning for more but stuck in a place between your head, heart and gut?


Before Human Design... 

  • I paid too much to telecom companies because I daily called my framily for advice
  • I was exhausting myself in overworking
  • I was chronicly undervaluing myself
  • I was often stressed and stuck in my head
  • I was wondering if life ever would show up for me


Since Human Design…

  • I don’t owe telecom companies anything anymore, I owe myself
  • I know my value and what to say yes/no to
  • I honor my energy and follow my flow
  • I experience a deep level of selflove and – acceptance
  • I feel connected to life and its endless possibilities

Are you longing for a deeper level of selflove, a better relationship with your mind and a zest for life? Are you yearning for transformation and a more aligned life? Are you ready for the life that’s meant for you?
Then we are a match.


Let’s talk, let’s connect.

Who am I?

I’m one of the only Human Design coaches who blends Human Design and practical coaching into tailored trajectoriesI offer this to courageous and self-aware people who are ready to grow and are looking for empowered alignment. I give them more balance and fulfilment in life by bringing progressive change through aligned action. I can make that guarantee by being rooted in years of knowledge and experience.

Do you wanna read more about my own journey with Human Design?

My approach

Human Design x

I combine Human Design & Coaching techniques.
I coach you through the process and your Design unfolds in the meantime.

Here's how:


Active coaching
With assignments aligned to your design.


Practical approach
I hand you the tools and help you to jump. I am your witness and guide.


Impact by integration
I want you to live your design, not only know your design.

  1. Know and discover
  2. Test, experiment and implement
  3. Integrate and embody the knowledge


Limited in time
We work on a selection of topics during several sessions and both know when it’s going to end. I go for maximum impact in a realistic timeframe. The goal is to be able to continue without me for quite some time.


A coaching trajectory = a relationship
I’m your partner, your guide. You swim in the deep waters, I stay by your side on the shore. For this to work, it demands mutual respect, commitment and dedication.