Soetkin has the gift of creating order in apparent chaos. She lets you breathe when you are short of breath. She asks questions so that you yourself are able to formulate answers. A coach with a golden heart. Highly recommended! (Pascale)

Soetkin is exceptional. Our session was transformative and eye opening. Her work has the power to redirect people to their true purpose and provide enlightened accompaniment on their path. I feel supported and empowered by the knowledge she shared about my design. There is a "before and after" you meet her. (Lily)

In a relaxed and free setting, Soetkin brings in the knowledge about Human Design, she takes into account one's own questions and wishes and is generous with her knowledge and insights. Each time we came home recharged and clarified, understood, but also with food for thought! Best investment in yourself ever. (Frauke and Jo)

An unexpectedly surprising experience with goosebump moments and new insights about your individual self, better acceptance of your past and rich information for your future. (Lissa) 

Human design gives you insight into yourself and your life. It teaches you to make choices that fit into your life. In a professional and also very open and loving way Soetkin coaches you in your personal development. (Emke)

Every time, it brings me to a place of me. (Meriem)

Thanks to Human Design, I have gained more insight into my children's thinking and acting. This often brings great peace of mind for me and the family. My children can discover themselves and because I have more insight into their strong and sensitive points, I know better when and how I can help as a mother. (Marijke)